The Leap Year.  It happens every 4 years to ensure that our calendars stay in sync with the seasons.  How someone arranged that, we have no idea, but we do know that you can use this intercalary year to practice being “occasional” with your kids.  Here are 4 specific things that we think families should enjoy in (extreme) moderation:

1.  Extra messy meals

Spaghetti is extremely messy, especially with young children.  Spacing out the the servings of this guaranteed-stain-on floor dish  every leap year ensures that you won’t have to devote your adult life to removing that ugly spot front and center of your living room.  (How’d it make it to the living room?!)


2.  Glitter for crafts

Same as messy meals, but glitter may actually take you 4 years to remove every spec from your hands and face.  These nearly microscopic pieces of shiny plastic find ways to cling to you and everything around you.


3.  Fast food

By now, we know the truth about McDonald’s and Burger King.  It’s quick, cheap, easy, and best enjoyed once every 4 years.


4.  International Travel

There are no substitutes for seeing the world in person, especially with loved ones.  Unfortunately, there are also no substitutes for expensive plane tickets, hotels and taking time off work.  Save up your travel money over 4 years and you can blow it all on an awesome trip with your family!


Once in a leap year.    🙂