If you’ve got a little guy or gal at home who wants to make the big guy in their lives smile, then here’s the list for you. Preschoolers will love making these gifts so much, it’ll be hard to pick just one of our Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Make a silly photo magnet by taking funny pictures of the kids making goofy faces with fake mustaches or perhaps, even dressed up like their dad. Let the kids pick out their fave and then glue it to some stock paper. Cut around the picture to fit a magnet and, voila! You have a stupid-cute magnet for your dad! You can get the stock paper and magnet at most craft stores, like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.


Make your own movie! Don’t let this one scare you. With features like iMovie, which is on most, if not all, Macs, it is super easy to make a movie for dad. It’s pretty much a drag-and-drop process. You can add music from your iTunes, pictures from iPhoto and anything else you upload. When you’re done you just burn it to DVD and a montage of family memories is made!


Just about every dad comes home and throws his change, phone and wallet on some counter somewhere in the house, right? Moms do it too, everyone needs a little tray to throw stuff in when they get home. That’s why this gift rules. Make your dad one! Using an old cardboard drink holder from a fast food place you cover it, paint it and decorate it. Check it out!¬†For another idea, click here.


We’ve all seen the “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt a billion times. While the sentiment is sweet, it’s 2012, let’s get a new design. Enter: the King Dad shirt. This is made using something called a freezer paper stencil, bleach and a T-shirt. It’s pretty sweet. This one sounds a bit more complicated, but you can do it! The complete how-to is here.



For the tiny tots, this is perfect! Making a handprint piece of art for the office or at home is a super cute idea that’s easy and fun. Get 4 small canvases, paint each one a different color and then have your kids paint their hand in another color and stamp each one. You can really do whatever you want to make it truly yours.


These will be fun for the family to make and present to their dads on their special day. Enjoy!

Do512 also made a calender listing of everything happening this Sunday for Father’s Day in Austin. You can check it out here!