If you have the time and the know-how, making your own Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s classmates can be a fun and rewarding experience. Or, that’s what they tell us. Here is the know-how, it’s up to you to make the time. These are all on our Pinterest too! Check out these 15 homemade valentine ideas. Just click on the links for the how-to’s.




Take a picture of your wee one looking like they’re holding something, and put a lollipop on it. Voila! 3D VD cards.




Did you know cutting a celery stalk and dipping it in paint makes a great rose stamp? Like a celery rose of Texas.




Cards with poems and candy? Sign us up!





Make little superhero frames for all the super friends your kid has! Supersize me.




Make cute gift bags using toilet paper rolls as heart stamps. Roll on, playa.




Little thumbprints + little handwriting + homemade chocolate lollipop = the most popular kid EVER.





Wood you dedicate the time to make these adorable tree-coins? We sure wood try.



We mustache you a question. Would you make these and lip to tell about it? That was bad, but this is good. (It even has templates, y’all – EASY)



Little finger puppets for those little hands. Gotta hand it to ’em.




Fill mason jars with sweethearts and use a fancy cupcake liner to make the lid more festive. Put a lid on it.





Print out these illustrated pirate valentines and add your personal flair. Arrrren’t they awesome?




These melted crayons turned heart muffins will color you crafty. Crayola muffins don’t taste good, but they look good.




Make cookies and put them in paper CD cases. Now that’s a sweet tune.




Personalized monsters make great Valentine cards. Classmates won’t be scared, promise.





Roll up mad libs and craft them into little scroll messages. Show off your mad skillz.



Have fun crafting!