You’ve probably heard something about this “kid-friendly improv” that happens every week at ColdTowne Theater, but you might be wondering what, exactly, does that entail?

Every Saturday, Move Your Tale puts on an improv show called What’s the Story, Steve? at 10 am. These shows are Pay What you Wish and all ages are welcome. Steve is actually a poodle, a villain poodle to be exact, who is determined to create chaos in the universe. Every week, six improvisers find themselves in possession of extraordinary powers, given to them by… the audience. The performers and audience work together to rid the poodle of his evil.

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These shows are not all that Move Your Tale is up to, though, and if your kids decide that the show was a fun and unique experience, then you might be interested in the classes that Move Your Tale offers. You can stay after the show to attend a drop in class from 11 – 11:50 am for $10 to be sure.

The classes at Move Your Tale are for ages 3 – 18. Improv and storytelling empowers kids to create and share stories on the spot. This practice can help children with their communication skills, developing self-confidence and their ability to understand timing, collaboration and risk-taking. Read this LiveMom interview with Move Your Tale founder, Kristin Henn, to learn more about the benefits of and the principles behind the program.

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Read all about the classes being offered this fall and sign up today for this affordable and fun program!

Ages 3 – 6

  • Leaping Legends is Creative Drama at its best. Guided by their instructor, children explore storytelling and improv basics, creating awesome characters and amazing tales at a moments notice. 8-week sessions, $80.
    Details & registration. 

Ages 7 – 10

  • Improv in Action classes offer high energy improv games. Scenes allow students to explore creating characters and stories in the moment. This is a great intro to improv for beginners and a chance to build on existing skills for those with experience. Students enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to perform at one or more All Ages Night at ColdTowne Theater. $210, three sections are offered.
    Details & registration.
  • This class is also offered for ages 10 – 13 – Details & registration.

Ages 13+

  • Middle School Improv and Sketch class fosters creative collaboration, risk taking and the ability to create hilarious characters and situations on the spot. The early weeks of class will focus on building improv skills. Mid-semester, students will begin to shape the characters and ideas into sketches. Students enrolled in this class will be invited to perform in several of the Sunday Night All Ages shows and in the end of semester showcase. Occasionally, these students are also invited to perform at outside events.
    Details & registration.


So if you’re looking for something a little different for your creative kiddo, check out Move Your Tale!