Drop-And-Shop-Kids-Camp-large_posterWe’ve all been there – desperately, hurriedly scanning the store for giftable items while your kids wander off, knocking things over, touching everything in sight with their sticky hands and playing the funny hide-from-mommy-in-the-racks-til-she-panics game. Stop the insanity!

Instead, seize the blissful opportunity to dump, er, drop them off at Pinot’s Palette North Austin while you get some holiday shopping done during the Drop and Shop Kids Camp on Sunday, December 8 from 12 – 4 pm. For $60 per child, they can paint their little hearts out while you enjoy some solitude. Done shopping? Book a massage somewhere. Whatever you choose to do with the time, it’s a priceless opportunity for four hours of freedom that you won’t want to miss.

Reserve a spot today by clicking here.

– Claudia

Claudia Weber is a transplanted Austin mom, local realtor and now, apparently Rainbow Loom addict who loves to share the best of Austin with families like hers – whether they’re moving to town or just looking to embrace the best Austin has to offer. Find out more at www.claudiasellsaustin.com. Also, get a super-cool free NEW HOME SEARCH APP by clicking here!