If you’ve got a baby to entertain, let’s face it… Austin is a pretty awesome place to be. Terrific parks, trails for picturesque stroller rides, exceptional story times, interactive museum exhibits, ample music and movement class offerings — Austin babies have it pretty good.


Awesome Places for Babies in Austin:

–> Library Storytimes
Let’s start with something totally free and accessible all over the Austin area. Children’s librarians have a special gift for getting families engaged in early literacy activities. Of course babies cannot be expected to simply sit quietly and listen to picture books in a group setting. They’ll socialize, enjoy songs, finger plays, maybe even puppets, too. And you have a chance to meet lots of other moms while you’re there.

To find the story time schedule at your local library, you can start here:

Baby Time

–> Baby Bloomers at The Thinkery
Baby Bloomers
is a fun program offered at The Thinkery, Austin’s children’s museum. On Mondays from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and Saturdays from 9-10 a.m. you and your children (age 0-3) get to experience parts of the museum exclusively for you and baby (no big kids getting in your way) in an environment focused on early learners. You’ll find activities such as story times, sing-a-longs, and Little Explorers Lab — development of sensory, motor, hand-eye coordination through play and interaction with different textures and materials. Baby Bloomers admission is $2.50 for members and $4.50 for non-members.


–> Baby Day at the Alamo Drafthouse
With a baby in the family, it can be really hard to make time for entertainment and catching up on anything related to pop culture. Who’s that hot new actor everyone’s talking about? How would you know, right? Baby Day at the Alamo Drafthouse gives parents an option for heading to the movies and bringing baby along. Tuesday is Baby Day at Alamo South Lamar, Alamo Village, Alamo Lakeline, and Alamo Slaughter Lane. The first matinee of every movie on Baby Day, before 2:05 p.m., you are allowed to bring children 3 and under along and their admission is FREE. The lights are kept on (but dimmed) and the sound is turned down a notch. (Baby day is only on Tuesdays at the Alamo Village, Alamo South Lamar, Alamo Lakeline and Alamo Slaughter.)


–> Central Market North Lamar
Yes, it’s a grocery store. But how great is it that you can knock out some grocery shopping while entertaining baby? First, there are balloons. Perfect! Second, the playground is tons of fun for little ones who can toddler around the mini playscape and go down the tiny slides. And finally, the adjacent pond adds even more entertainment. You can head to the water and point out the ducks and turtles. Of course, Central Market also offers tons of family friendly events and live music. So keep up with their event calendar to make the most of what this grocery store has to offer.


–> Zilker Park Playground and Zephyr Train
Centrally located, the Zilker Park Playground is such a great place to take babies and toddlers. There are plenty of swings, areas to run, places for varying abilities to climb. And of course, there is the terrific antique fire truck to climb into and play on. And it’s always a treat to wave to the Zilker Zephyr that chugs along through the playground area — or even better, you can take the kids for a ride on the little train! The Zilker Zephyr runs through the park for a 20 minute ride every day from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. every hour on the hour. The train is cash only and tickets cost $3 adults, $2 kids, and babies one year old and younger are free! (Read about our recent ride.)


–> Austin Nature and Science Center
The Austin Nature and Science Center is such a fabulous free resource in the heart of the city. It’s also a great place to go (take the stroller) for a leisurely walk through grounds, pass by and wave hello to the rescued animals, watch the fish and turtles swim around their tanks and listen to the owls hoot. If you’re up for the little ones getting sandy, of course, they can play in the giant dino digging pit. This is a really lovely spot for kids of all ages.


–> BookPeople
BookPeople is one of those great places where you can easily connect with other moms and young children. Babies are welcome to come sit in and listen to a story and socialize with other little ones. BookPeople offers such a variety of free story times including baby sign language, musical performers, puppets, and even small animals from a local petting zoo.


–> The Triangle
Did you know that there is a tiny little playground at the Triangle just for young children? It’s great for little ones who are toddling around because it’s super safe and tiny — no fears about baby falling off a playscape that is too tall and dangerous. The Triangle also has a sweet little sprinkler fountain that babies just love to play in. And on Wednesdays from 3-7 p.m., you can find the SFC Farmers Market set up with vendors and live music at this location.


 — Baby & Mama Classes
We all know that baby classes are just as beneficial to moms and dads as they are to the little ones. Classes get you moving out of the house, get you socializing with other grown-ups, and hopefully help you make great connections with other families who are going through the same challenges and milestones as you and your babe. There are SO many great classes offered all around Austin. Here’s just a few you could check out:

Have fun exploring Austin with those sweet little cuties!

Do you have other favorite places to take baby? Please share in the comments below.