Do512 Family is all about what to do in Austin with kids. We love to be out and about in Austin and are always looking for fun things to do with the family.

It’s also very important to us to explore creative ways to share time with our families. The question that Do512 aims to answer is, “What are we going to do tonight?” Do512 Family will answer this same question, with one small change. “What are we going to do with our family tonight? Or today? Or all the time?!?” While this can mean family-friendly events and places, it also means hanging out at home or at the park, sharing quality time.

Do512 Family was launched in late 2011 when Do512 owner, Jimmy Stewart, saw a need for an events and entertainment site for Austin parents. Stewart is a father of two, so while telling Austin all about happy hours and upcoming shows on definitely held an interest for him and tons of other Austinites, he realized how awesome it would be to have something similar for families. Voila! Do512 Family was born.

Our Do512 Family staff is made up of parents who love raising kids in Austin, Texas!
Check out some of our favorite things:



Jimmy Stewart, Founder President

  • Name & age of kids: Sydney – 6, James – 5
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Sydney – bike riding, James – Soccer
  • Favorite indoor activity: Sydney: art & dress-up, James – Building things & cooking
  • Favorite museum: The Thinkery
  • Favorite playground: Zilker Elementary
  • Favorite toy store: Terra Toys & Whole Earth Provisions
  • Favorite taco: Torchys
  • Favorite annual Austin event: Anything Halloween-y



Dylan & Jamie

Jamie Jett, General Manager

  • Name & age of kid: Dylan, 11
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking/Swimming at the greenbelt!
  • Favorite indoor activity: Movies at the Alamo and anyplace we can get pizza and play games like Gattiland or Blazer Tag.
  • Favorite museum: Texas Memorial Museum
  • Favorite playground: Mueller
  • Favorite toy store: Toy Joy. Always.
  • Favorite taco: Paco’s Tacos
  • Favorite annual Austin event: Sound & Cinema!

Graham, Heidi, Oliver & Elliot


Heidi Okla, Chief Editor & Content Manager

  • Name & age of kids: Oliver – 8, Elliot – 6, Graham – 5
  • Favorite outdoor activity: strolling around Mayfield Preserve
  • Favorite indoor activity: children’s theatre at ZACH or Scottish Rite and visiting the Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry
  • Favorite museum: The Thinkery
  • Favorite playground: Zilker Park playground
  • Favorite toy store: Terra Toys
  • Favorite taco: Taco Deli (freakin’ vegan taco)
  • Favorite annual Austin event: Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Parade

How the Do512 Family website works… is a blog that has all kinds of useful information for Austin parents from what to do, where to go, funny parenting snark to ways to have fun at home. is an events calendar with tons of fun events and venue listings. This page is most easily accessed by clicking the Events Calendar link at the top of the homepage. If you want to add your own event, you’ll have to send it to us and we’ll let you know when we get it up. We always do this quickly so don’t feel like your message is getting sent into the internet abyss.


We hope that you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy being a part of it. If you have any ideas or events you want to share, please let us know. And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.