ZACH Theatre‘s new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in partnership with Underbelly theatre company, runs through Sunday, May 15. In this unique, immersive version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, the audience starts in the theater and follows Alice around ZACH’s campus to meet familiar characters and help defeat the Red Queen!

Curious about this experience? Our Content Manager breaks it down for you below and shares info about what to know before you go. (You can also scroll below to enter to win a 4-pack of tickets to this show!)


The kids were ready to go on this theatrical adventure

I truly had no idea what to expect from an “immersive theatre experience” with the kids. I attended the show with my go-with-the-flow six-year-old son and his pal, and I told them in advance that we would be getting up, walking around and becoming part of the action. They were totally game. In fact, they were excited that they would not have to be still and quiet in their seats.

When we entered the theatre, there was a little optional craft available for the kids. They were invited to make fans out of oversized playing cards. If you are attending on a sunny day, be sure to do this! Not only do they make nice fans, but they are fantastic little helpers in shielding the sun from your eyes.

You’ll take your seats in the theatre for about the first fifteen minutes of the show, watching Alice interact with her parents and setting the storyline for the play. Then, the audience is split into four groups (based on seating) to follow one of the creatures from Wonderland outside. These creatures act as your group’s guide, taking you on a search for Alice.

Outside on the ZACH campus, you’ll meet several characters along they way with interactive theatre “stations”. You’ll learn a song with musical flowers & a dance from Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, and you’ll even play croquet with the Queen where you become the croquet stakes.


Photo by Kirk Tuck


Photo by Kirk Tuck

The kids had so much fun! They were excited to move around from scene to scene, pretending to be on an important hunt for Alice. My son enjoyed jumping into the action, and he truly felt like a key player in this story adventure. The actors kept the kids engaged and entertained the throughout the entire show.


Photo by Kirk Tuck

I was amazed at what timing and planning must have gone into the production. Four different audience groups travel around the ZACH campus without bumping into each other and make it back inside the theatre at the same time for the show’s end. To do so, there must have been a lot of rehearsing and choreography to make it all fit seamlessly together.

This production of Alice in Wonderland is certainly unique and quite ideal for squirmy young theatre-goers. Being a part of the play was such a cool experience for the children.

What to Know Before You Go:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. You will be walking around and standing on your feet for most of the show.
  • Bring sunglasses, a hat & sunscreen. If you’re there on a particular sunny day, you’ll find this most helpful, and you certainly don’t want a sunburn.
  • Know that this isn’t your traditional version of Alice. Be ready for a more modern version of the story vs. the classic tale.
  • Be ready to have fun. Get the family excited to be part of the play. While you won’t be put on the spot to act or do anything outrageous, be sure you’re heading to the theatre with the attitude to join in on the adventure.
  • The show is recommended for ages 5 & up. It runs about 1.5 hours without an intermission.

–> Tickets: Tickets are $18 for youth and $24 for adults, which you can purchase online here or by calling ZACH’s box office at 512-476-0541 x1.

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