The Austin-area is home to several parks. Parks with playscapes, splash pads, pools, grills, picnic tables, dog parks… we’ve got it all! Do512 Family wants you to know as much as possible about every Austin park that’s out there so that you can pick the right place to play with your family and friends.


Triangle: 4600 West Guadalupe 78751 / Playscape: Yes / Spashpad: Yes / Pool: No / Wading Pool: No

Cue choirs of angels: there’s a new playground at the Triangle. This mixed-use development in Central Austin has long been a favorite destination for families and this is the icing on the cake. The playground is located near the big grassy field, across the street from Snap Kitchen and next to Maudie’s. It’s on the smaller side, geared toward younger children.


The new playground is only the tip of the iceberg of what the Triangle offers. It has a full calendar of events that are often free and open to the public. You can check it out here. On Wednesday afternoons, it hosts the SFC Farmer’s Market, which includes prepared foods, live music and activities for kids in addition to fresh produce. Wednesdays are a perfect time to have a picnic on the green. There are also two petanque (lawn bowling) fields. Equipment can be borrowed/rented from one of the nearby restaurants. There is a splashpad, but it’s been dormant for a long time. If you happen to find it working, let out screams of joy, text everyone to come join you, let the kids get soaked and drive home with the heat on.



Shade: The playscape is not very shaded, but there are shady places to sit nearby.

Parking: Available along the main routes through the Triangle and also in the free parking garage across from Mama Fu’s.

Picnic Tables: Yes

Notes: The restaurants at the Triangle are all casual and family-friendly with to-go options. Many of them allow you to order ahead for pick up. Here are a few favorites:

  • Mandola’s. Italian food.
  • Mama Fu’s. Asian-American food.
  • Galaxy Cafe. American food. Brunch.
  • Snap Kitchen. Prepared food. Ready to consume immediately, in case you are having that kind of day.
  • Maudies. Tex Mex. You can see the playground from the patio. I repeat: you can see the playground from the patio.