Bunnicula, the latest production from the Scottish Rite Theater, premiered over the weekend and Do512 Family editor, Jamie Jett, had a chance to see this spooky new play with her son. Hear all about it and enter to win four tickets to the 11 a.m. show on Saturday, Nov. 1!



If you are looking for a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit, get your family tickets to see Bunnicula, playing at Scottish Rite Theater through Nov. 1. Catchy songs, mystery-solving pets, and a strange vampire-bunny make this the perfect transition into the Halloween season.

Per the usual, the Scottish Rite Theater provided crayons and a coloring sheet of the Bunnicula poster for all the kids to color while they waited for the play to start. Some kids took their seat on the floor, directly in front of the stage (perhaps the most enticing thing about Scottish Rite Theater), while others opted to sit with parents in the theater chairs. My son and I sang along to Nightmare Before Christmas tunes while we waited for the play to begin. I love that the theater always provides something to keep kids entertained while they wait.

Bunnicula is based off of a popular series of books from the 70s. The main characters are the family pets, a dog named Harold and a cat named Chester (played by people), who take it upon themselves to solve the case of the latest addition to the family, a mysterious bunny rabbit.

Things go awry when the family starts noticing some strange occurrences with their vegetables, namely that they turn white every night while they are asleep. Chester and Harold realize that the new bunny has something to do with it, so they stay up each night to see what they find. Shenanigans ensue as they find out this cuddly rabbit is actually the spookiest bunny around.

The play was really well done and the main characters did an amazing job of acting like animals. The actress playing Chester exuded cat like mannerisms throughout the show, as did the actress playing Bunnicula. She was constantly looking around and wiggling her nose – she was a very believable bunny!

I would recommend this play for all ages. My 9-year-old son enjoyed it as did the younger kids in the audience, though, there was a toddler behind me who did get scared a couple of times. But he powered through and had a good time by the end of it.

Tickets are $8 for children 12 and under, and $12 for ages 13 and up. You can buy them online or at the theater. You can also take your chances at winning four tickets to a show of your choice this weekend by entering our giveaway below!