This weekend, get out and Discover the Dinosaurs at The North Austin Event Center with interactive exhibits, activities, rides and other fun!



Discover the Dinosaurs consists of 8 – 10 scenes in an exhibit area. These interactive exhibits use sight, sound and motion to enthrall and educate your family! You’ll be taken back in time in this immersive experience where you can touch and feel the dinosaurs.

Pick up a map/scavenger hunt sheet at the exhibit entrance and answer questions about each scene to win prizes!

Other attractions:

  • Dino Dig -> Guests can brush away sand to reveal dinosaur fossils beneath.
  • Dino Theaters -> Guests can watch both educational and entertaining movies on our dinosaur sized screen.
  • Dino Den -> Dinosaurs designed just for our youngest guests to sit on, hug, and touch. Over 10 whimsical and colorful dinosaurs that are just their size!
  • Dinosaur Rides -> Ride on the back of a T-Rex or Triceratops! Hop in the saddle on top of one of these animatronic dinosaurs. They’re not too scary, but a once in a lifetime opportunity and an excellent place to take a photo.
  • Inflatables ->  Jump, slide, play, and have a blast in one of our several dinosaur themed inflatables. Note height restrictions and limits are in place ensuring that all our guests have a fun and safe experience.
  • Gem and Fossil Panning -> Guests can purchase bags of mining rough and step up to the sluice and shake it out, panning in the running water to reveal the gems and fossils. Guests can also explore the mine with a headlamp-equipped hardhat to find hidden rocks, gems, and fossils located in the dark mineshaft.
  • Mini Golf -> Our mini golf course(s) contain facts about dinosaurs at each hole. Whether you get a hole in one, par, or bogey, you’ll learn about dinosaurs and have fun at every turn.
  • Dino Face Painting -> Our professional face painters offer simple dinosaur designs to full-face painting for purchase. Our dinosaur designs are fun; leaving smiles and a memorable impression that goes home with you.


  • Friday, August 1 -> 12 – 9 pm
  • Saturday, August 2 -> 10 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday, August 3 -> 10 am – 7 pm


  • Adults ages 13+ -> $18
  • Children ages 2 – 12 -> $22 Exhibit Plus
  • Children ages 2 – 12 -> $16 Exhibit Only
  • Seniors 65+ -> $16
  • Children 1 and under are free
  • EXHIBIT PLUS includes Dinosaur Exhibit, Dino Dig, Dino Den, Dino Theater, Dino Coloring Station, Scavenger Hunt, Unlimited Dinosaur Rides, Mini Golf and Inflatables
  • EXHIBIT ONLY includes Dinosaur Exhibit, Dino Dig, Dino Den, Dino Theater, Dino Coloring Station and Scavenger Hunt (Individual ride tickets may be purchased for $5 – $6). these tickets CANNOT be purchased online.
  • NOTE: Gem and Fossil Mining, Face Painting and Jurassic Jungle (Haunted Attraction) require separate tickets.

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