There’s a new book on the block and it’s all about having fun in this wonderful city with your family. Exploring Austin with Kids, written by Annette Lucksinger, is a book, a website, and an app, filled with all kinds of activities you can do with your children. On Saturday, June 21, you can get a copy of the book and have it signed at the Texas State Capitol, as well as enjoy activities with the author and other Capitol fun.


Lucksinger will be signing books and showing off the app from 11 am – 3 pm while leading kids to craft binoculars and telescopes for exploring the Capitol and its grounds. She’ll also help kids write and draw postcards of their Austin adventures that they can send to their out-of-town relatives.

In addition to Lucksinger’s planned activities, families can also check out the Visitors Center and find the secret twisting spiral staircase that will take them up to star-shaped computer kiosks where they can test their Texas trivia skills. Kids can also use the official seal at the land grant office, dress up as Texas ranchers and walk through a covered wagon, learning all about Texas’s road to independence. They can even look through a telescope to get an up close glimpse of the Goddess of Liberty on top of the Capitol building.

Swing by, get an awesome book, and have a fun and free day exploring the Capitol building and its grounds.