The Sherwood Forest Faire is taking their Robin Hood show to the stage at the Scottish Rite Theater in The Legends of Robin Hood, which will wrap up this weekend after 5 more shows.

Do512 Family editor, Jamie Jett, saw the production over the weekend and here is what she thought…



I have to start off by saying that I love the Sherwood Forest Faire and was pretty excited to see this play. If you haven’t been to Austin’s very own Renaissance festival, the Sherwood Forest Faire, you should check it out next Spring. The Robin Hood who stars in the play at Scottish Rite Theater, is the same Robin Hood that you’ll see at Sherwood Forest Faire, walking around, charming ladies and getting into trouble. He’s also the same Robin Hood that you see on all of the billboards promoting the faire. Basically, he rules, as do all of the characters that make up our faire.

The Legends of Robin Hood follows Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they sing songs in the forest and confront the overbearing Sheriff of Nottingham, challenging him in his own archery contest. Not only does Robin Hood challenge the sheriff, he also challenges Maid Marian, his long time love interest.

Along the way, Robin Hood, of course, gets into mischief, angers Marian, and almost gets killed. But, of course, it all works out in the end because Robin Hood is just that kind of guy.

The play was about 45 minutes long, perfect for squirmy kids and busy parents. If you haven’t been to the Scottish Rite Theater before, you’ll be pleased to know that it is an ideal setting for families with kids of all ages. There is an area in front of the stage where kids sit on the floor. This area is surrounded by chairs for parents and kids who wish to sit on laps or in chairs. Theatre experiences at Scottish Rite are especially for the kids, so let them squirm, talk out loud and giggle unabashedly, because it simply doesn’t matter.

My son is 9 years old and he appreciated the singing and the archery in The Legends of Robin Hood. I appreciated the simple humor and charm of the show, as well as the costumes and general merriment. Do512 Family approves The Legends of Robin Hood!


Tickets are $7 – $10 and you can buy them here.