In light of the horrific events that occurred Sunday night in Las Vegas, here are some ways that you can help. We will continue adding ways to help as they emerge.

Donating Funds:

Reducing Gun Violence:

We also want to update you on the status of the need for Blood Donations. Our friends at We Are Blood shared this statement today:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and their families.  We’re also humbled to see the love and tremendous support our fellow Central Texans show when devastation strikes. We’ve already begun to see an outpouring of support from our local community members who want to do anything they can to help our neighbors across the country.

However, at this time, Las Vegas blood banks have confirmed there is no additional need from blood from surrounding states. Local communities in Nevada are coming together to ensure their blood supply needs continue to be met, and they have not needed to request additional support. We will update Central Texans if anything changes but, for now, your donations will continue going toward our local blood supply.

The community’s need for blood donations is daily, and it is the blood on the shelves that save lives when tragedies occur. We recognize the need for blood donation feels urgent for many people right now hoping to help after such a devastating tragedy, but it is our goal to be the very best stewards of the gifts our community is giving. Because blood has a limited shelf life of only 42 days, we must carefully control the amount of donations we receive at one time. Spacing donations out by organizing them through appointments is the best way for us to do that. If you’re interested in donation, we encourage you to make an appointment online or over the phone.

We love and appreciate our community and all of our donors, and hope to see them in the coming months for their regularly scheduled donations.”

Do you have a way to help support those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas?
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