Do you own an electric vehicle (EV) or have you thought about buying one? Driving an electric vehicle offers many advantages from cost savings on fuel and maintenance, premium performance, a silent ride, and luxury of charging at a regular wall outlet — along with zero emissions for a healthier planet. Austin Energy’s Plug-In EVerywhere Program can help drivers of EVs save money with several rebates and access to a network of over 500 charging ports for only $4.17 per month.

Austin Energy supports the City of Austin’s goal to be the most livable city in the nation, which includes a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. To support this, Austin Energy provides rebates for charging equipment and installation, as well as rebates to purchase electric bikes, motorcycles, and scooters. Click here to learn all about these rebates.

Curious about how much money you could save by driving a plug-in EV? Check out this online EV calculator that shows how conventional vehicles compare to plug-in electric vehicles.

Austin Energy’s Plug-In EVerywhere subscription plan providing unlimited charging for $4.17 per month at more than 500 charging ports throughout the Austin area – including DC fast chargers that can charge your vehicle in minutes. These charging ports are powered by 100% renewable energy from Texas wind through Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® program. And for an unlimited charging subscription, you can opt for Austin Energy’s EV360 program. Click here to learn about EV360.

If you’re curious about switching to an electric vehicle, check out these helpful links on Austin Energy’s website:

You can find much more information at, and you can check out their Facebook page for news, updates, and events.