With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re probably scrounging for sitters so you and your loved one can have a few hours to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around your children or end in baby talk. One where you don’t have to yell to be heard and you don’t get interrupted every two seconds. Here are some affordable babysitting services in Austin with great reputations so you can get out and reconnect.



Seeking Sitters is a nationwide service that was actually started by a private investigator. It is now in the Austin area, and while the start-up membership fee might be a little pricey ($60), this is a one-time fee and will apply nationwide. So, if you go on vacation or are visiting a different state, you can always use their services.


LuckyLilDarling-52_600Lucky Lil’ Darlings has secured success in New York City, Chicago, Dallas and LA. They are now in Austin, and since they’re pretty new here, THERE IS NO MEMBERSHIP FEE for the first year. That means, you can email them right now and get to work on booking your sitter today! All sitters have gone through a rigorous screening that includes an in person interview, a national background check, three reference checks and a direct referral.


AusCapGrannie-200x200Austin’s Capital Grannies is a mommy-owned and operated babysitting referral service. They’ve been around since 1986 and recently received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. All of their sitters have had a fingerprint background check, are CPR/First-aid certified and have been reference-checked. There is NO membership fee and sitters start at $13/hr.



PrintNanny Poppinz is a nationwide service, but the Austin agency is locally owned and operated by Austin mama, Amber Mayhew. All referrals have three years verifiable Nanny childcare work experience, CPR certification and AED and First Aid Training. There are no membership fees until you hire your sitter, at which point a $40 agency fee is applied (for a one-day, one-time sitter), on top of the hourly sitter fee.



FairyGdsit-200x200Fairy Godsitters are required to have infant and child CPR and First Aid certification, along with previous verifiable childcare experience. Every sitter has had a criminal background check that is rechecked every two years, a 10-year work history verification and an in-depth personal interview. Their slogan: “If we wouldn’t want her watching our children, we don’t want her watching yours!” Pretty good motto. Plus,  there is NO fee to hire a sitter, and the hourly rates are very affordable.