Amy’s Ice Creams Trick Olympics is back for its 12th year of high flying, in-your-face, crowd pleasing ice cream action! On Tuesday, June 14, you can take the family to The Grove in Southpark Meadows at 7 p.m. to see “ice cream acrobats” from all of Amy’s 14 stores compete against each other at this event that raises funds for CASA of Travis County.


Photo from the Amy’s Ice Creams Facebook page

At the Trick Olympics, there will be three events for tricksters to compete in. Here is a breakdown on each event:

— Solo Trick: Competitors spend hours perfecting a string of tricks to pump up the audience. Judges are not only looking for form and difficulty of the trick but looking at how, YOU react to those jaw dropping acrobatics. Tricksters get three chances to successfully complete their trick, the amphitheater fills with anticipation, hearts guaranteed to stop for just a moment, BOOM! Landed it and the crowd goes wild!

— Group Trick: A team working together to bring a well thought out performance to the Olympics. These crafty competitors are expected to choreograph a moment and judges are looking at their chemistry not only each other but the audience as well. Expect to see skits performed, in previous years some of our most notable have been The Monty Python, Pee Wee Herman and even The Time Warp.

— Trick Decathlon: Decathlon is where the stakes are raised, the egos are high and the tricksters decide their fate. Acrobats are given 10 tricks to complete in a race against each other. Combination of skill and speed sends ice cream flying through the air, first trickster to win their heat gets pushed into the lightning round, an old fashioned game of Horse!

Photo from the Amy's Ice Creams Facebook page

Photo from the Amy’s Ice Creams Facebook page

–> More Info: The Trick Olympics is a free event that’s open to the public. Ice cream and treats from Baked By Amy’s will be available for purchase along with cold beverages and bottles of water. You’re encouraged to bring your fold out chairs, picnic blankets and sun umbrellas.

Trick Olympics helps support CASA of Travis County, a non profit organization that supports and promotes court appointed volunteer advocacy so that every abused and neglected child can be safe, establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive. Amy’s will donate 20% of the days sales to this fantastic cause.

For more details, you can visit the Amy’s Ice Creams website.

Have fun!