Merry Christmas y’all! Enjoy our top 5 funny Christmas videos today during some down time. We realize that while everyone may not be celebrating Christmas, everyone still likes to laugh. So here’s some holiday goofiness, and we hope you at least chuckle.


In this video from Freshpet, 13 dogs and 1 cat sit down for Christmas dinner (with human hands). Our Content Manager’s kids have watched this multiple times a day for a week because they love it so much. And they still giggle every time. Enjoy:


Jimmy Kimmel annually asks his audience to give their kids terrible Christmas presents and film their reactions. Here’s some pretty funny ones. (Note, there is some questionable language at the very last few seconds of this clip.)


Can you guess who wins in Cat vs. Christmas Trees? These trees are asking for trouble:

He’s just SO excited:


f your kids love those minions, they might like to hear them sing this classic holiday tune:


Happy Holidays everyone! We hope whatever you celebrate during this season that you’re with your family and your friends, because that’s what matters.

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