Want to do something totally bananas? On Saturday, Jan. 28, hundreds of people dressed as gorillas will run through Camp Mabry for the 7th Annual Austin Gorilla Run, and you can join the mayhem — all for a great cause. The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund is hosting this event where runners of all ages will don gorilla or banana suits (provided with entry fee and yours to keep) at 9 a.m. and run a 5K course. After the race, you can join the party with music, beer and food.


Photo from the Austin Gorilla Run Facebook Page

All participants will help to raise funds for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, the International charity working to save the world’s last remaining Mountain Gorillas. Proceeds from the race directly benefit the Ruth Keesling Wildlife Health and Research Center in Kampala, Uganda. In 1987 there were only 248 mountain gorillas alive in the world, but through the veterinary and conservation efforts of the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, the population is currently estimated at 880.

— Race Registration Info:
To secure your place, all participants need to pay a non-refundable registration fee, which you can do online here. Here are the registration fees:

  • First Time Adult Gorilla -> $99.95
  • First Time Adult Banana -> $60
  • Returning Adult -> $40
  • First Time Little Gorilla * -> $30
  • Returning Little Gorilla * -> $15
    *Note: Little Gorillas are 12 and under. The costumes for kids fit up to 4’11″.

Photo from the Austin Gorilla Run Facebook Page

When you run in the Austin Gorilla Run you will:

  • Run a fun 5K with your friends & family
  • Help mountain gorillas
  • Keep your costume
  • Enjoy a great after party
  • Have fun!

For more information, please visit the Austin Gorilla Run website and Facebook page.

Have fun!