For years, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has offered “Baby Day” screenings on weekdays for parents with infants to enjoy the moviegoing experience with babies in tow. Now “Baby Day” is all grown up into a new program with an expanded scope to accommodate guests with autism and other special sensory needs, too — while also helping to better fit the schedules of working parents.

alamo_for_all_logo_800_420_81_sThe new “Alamo for All” are sensory friendly screenings open to all ages, including infants. Like its “Baby Day” predecessor, at these specially designated screenings the house lights are left a little brighter and the sound is turned down a little lower, plus:

  • The feature film will run without our signature preshow and without trailers.
  • Moving around the theater and noise will be allowed.
  • Latecomers will be permitted.
  • The use of cell phones or other nonessential devices, however, will still be discouraged.

These screenings will be offered on weekends, too, to fit the needs of working parents.

To find a sensory friendly screening at your local Alamo Drafthouse, visit — where you can find a list of screenings as well as full details on sensory friendly policies. The page will also link to upcoming Open Caption screenings for the hearing impaired.

The launch of “Alamo for All” also comes with a new, clarified approach to the Alamo Drafthouse’s “No Talking” policy, ensuring that guests with autism or other needs who are not able to strictly adhere to the rules are given a bit of leeway — not just at sensory friendly screenings, but at ALL Alamo Drafthouse shows.

Says Alamo Drafthouse CEO and Founder Tim League: “We strive to be a fully inclusive environment. ANYONE should be able to set foot in an Alamo Drafthouse and feel welcomed, comfortable and a part of the family. Our policies are not designed to exclude or alienate; rather, they’ve always been intended to curb blatantly rude behavior.”

For more info, please visit