The Austin-area is home to several parks. Parks with playscapes, splash pads, pools, grills, picnic tables… we’ve got it all! Do512 Family wants you to know as much as possible about every Austin park that’s out there so that you can pick the right place to play with your family and friends.

Springwoods Park

Springwoods Park: 9117 Anderson Mill Rd, Austin, TX 78729 /  Playscape: Yes  /  Splash Pad: No /  Pool: No

Shade: Yes! The playscapes, benches and picnic tables, and the bulk of the 0.8 mile hike & bike trail are fully shaded by awesome, old oak trees.

Parking: Small number of compact spaces under shade trees. Parking is free.

Picnic Tables: Yes

Grills: Yes

Size: The park sits on 12 acres. There are two playscapes, one for bigger kids and a smaller one for smaller kids. The restrooms are right in between the playscapes, are easily accessible and are clean. There is a sand volleyball court, a soccer field, two tennis courts and a 0.8 mile hike & bike trail that alternates between crushed granite and pavement.

Springwoods Park

Springwoods Park in Northwest Austin is a popular spot for playdates and group exercise. It is a small park–the playcscapes, restrooms, volleyball and tennis courts and soccer field are all just steps away from each other and from the parking lot. As a Cedar Park resident, stay at home mom and park connoisseur, I have driven past some awesome parks in Cedar Park to Springwoods Park many times for the shaded playscapes and trails and the guarantee that any time of day, there will be other moms and families there. It’s also my park of choice for trail runs because it’s small, feels safe and there are always other women, sometimes even stroller groups, on the trails. .

Big thank you to Robert, Kimberly and little Alex (pictured above) for being awesome and making these pictures possible.


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