Austin is home to several parks. Parks with playscapes, splash pads, pools, grills, picnic tables… we’ve got it all! Do512 Family wants you to know as much as possible about every Austin park that’s out there so that you can pick the right place to play with your family and friends.

Chestnut Park in East Austin is a “pocket park”, making it an awesome stop if you’re in the neighborhood.

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Chestnut Park: 2207 E. 16th St.  /  Playscape: Yes  /  Splash Pad: Yes  /  Pool: No

Shade: The playscape is partially shaded by some large trees, but it is primarily exposed. There are two benches under the trees that stay in the shade, and the pavilion is covered and close to the splash pad if you want to sit in the shade while the kids play.

Parking: There is no lot, parking is in the surrounding neighborhood.

Picnic Tables: There is a covered pavilion with several tables.

Grills: No

Size: The park is .63 acres. Some space to throw a Frisbee or a ball, but the main features of this park are the splash pad, the playscape and the pavilion.

Notes: This is a completely legit park if you live in the neighborhood. The splash pad is great in the summer and the kids love it.

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