In November, we shared information about the Austin Recycles Games, a competition among the 10 city council districts to encourage recycling for the chance to win a beautification project for a park or library. The goals of the Games are to spread awareness of the city’s recycling program and to help boost residential recycling rates. Already, things are looking good for the Games — residential recycling has experienced a 23 percent increase!


From November 30 through December 31, 2015 Austin residents recycled an average of 11 more pounds per household than October — a 23 percent increase citywide.

Currently in first place in the Austin Recycles Games is District 8 with an average 72.94 pounds recycled per household from November 30 through December 31, 2015. District 10 takes the number two slot with 70.69 pounds per household, and District 4 rounds out the top three with 63.32 pounds. (Wondering what District you’re in? Click here.)

The Austin Recycles Games will continue through March 2016. Districts can win in one of two categories: most overall recycling and most improved. The two winning council districts will receive a beautification project for a library or public park and will be announced at the Earth Day event on April 23, 2016. Visit for more details and to keep up with the monthly updates.



–> Zero Waste Goals: Increasing Austin recycling is important not only to win the Recycles Games, but to reach the City’s goal of reaching Zero Waste by 2040. There are many benefits to recycling long-term:

  • The use of recycled instead of virgin materials reduces carbon dioxide emissions by significantly scaling back the total energy needed to manufacture the products that we buy, build and use every day.
  • Recycling helps avoid harmful effects of landfills, including hazardous air pollutants and methane emissions.
  • Austin’s recycling and reuse industries generated $720 million in economic activity in 2014 and supported over 2,600 jobs.

For more tips about recycling, check out our 10 Do’s & Don’ts of Recycling in Austin.

–> New App: Austinites can also explore a new app at The app allows you to:

  • Look up your trash, recycling and yard trimmings collection days, as well as your semi-annual bulk item and large brush pickup days
  • Sign up for weekly reminders that you can receive via text, email or phone call
  • Receive messages when there are changes or disruptions to your service
  • Search for hundreds of items and find out whether to recycle them, throw them away, or drop them off

For more details about the Austin Recycles Games, district information and recycling tips, visit