Got an aspiring scribe in your house? Is your kid a poet and you know it?

Time to get those little Shakespeares-in-training busy writing, and what better topic about which to wax poetic than batty bats? On Saturday, Jan. 18 from 9 am – 12 pm, bring your 11 – 14 year-old kiddos to the Austin American Statesman HQ for the Bats and Barton Springs Poetry Workshop taught by the amazing people from Austin Batcave, a nonprofit dedicated to helping kids hone their writing skills.


The  FREE workshop is a great way for kids who want to pair up their interest in nature with their inner writers. During this collaboration between Bat Conservation International and Barton Springs, kids will learn about bats and their role in Austin’s natural landscape. They may even get the chance to snuggle up to a bat or two when bat experts (Batperts? Maybe?) from BCI bring out rescued bats for show-n-tell. On the literary end of things, kids will learn about nature poetry and hopefully be inspired to write some of their own.

batcave_posterThe workshop will then move to Barton Springs (transportation will be provided by volunteers), where participants can write even more poetry about Austin’s favorite (but they won’t be going in – brr!) swimming hole. And yes, fame awaits – their poems will be included in a student-written travel guide of Austin that’ll be released in Spring 2014!

Registration is required and can be done here.

– Claudia

Claudia Weber is a transplanted Austin mom, local realtor who loves to share the best of Austin with families like hers – whether they’re moving to town or just looking to embrace the best Austin has to offer. Find out more at Also, get a super-cool free NEW HOME SEARCH APP by clicking here!