Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to the Long Center on June 6-8 for a thrilling new show. Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus is a big production that’s making a stop in Austin on its national tour. It’s a retro celebration of the circus’s heyday with jaw-dropping classic acts from acrobats, contortionists, strong men, high wire walkers and more. But this version puts a very new twist on including elephants back in the ring — the animals are puppets!Circus 1903 comes from the producers of the world’s biggest magic show, The Illusionists, who teamed up with the award winning puppeteers from War Horse to present this family-friendly turn of the century circus spectacular.

Last week, we had a chance to meet David Williamson as Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade along with puppeteer Luke Chadwick-Jones who brings life to Peanut the baby elephant. In our brief interaction at the Long Center, we got pretty darn excited about this upcoming show.Willy Whipsnade is a grandfatherly man who engages the audience with silly magic tricks and hilarious banter. During our meeting, there were several children in attendance who were enthusiastically clapping and giggling with the Ringermaters’s interactive jokes. And as soon as Peanut came out in view, everyone was delighted to see how Chadwick-Jones was able to mimic the sounds and movement of a real elephant. The puppet elephant was so impressive and convincing, and in the actual show we’ll also get to see the mama elephant puppet that’s  so large it’s controlled by three adults.

During our visit at the Long Center, many children noted that they have never been to a circus. For many parents this will be a new opportunity to feel like it’s ethically appropriate to attend such a show. And for many kids, this will be the first time seeing tightrope acts and all of the traditional circus thrills.

Circus 1903 — The Golden Age of Circus will be showing at the Long Center on June 6, 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m, and is for all ages. Tickets start at $29, and can be purchased online here.

Get a glimpse of what to expect from the show from this short video below:


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