Get ready for something brand NEW at Thinkery! On May 25, Thinkery will unveil the exhibit Earth, Wind, Inspirea hands-on look at the dynamic forces that shape our world. With 14 interactive elements, you can do such things as step into a 10-foot-tall vortex to learn about tornadoes or spin the “turbulent orb” to study atmospheric patterns like those of oceanic winds and hurricanes.

Earth, Wind, Inspire will take over the Features Gallery on the first floor of the museum and will remain open until June 2020.

About the Exhibit:  Earth is a dynamic planet. The sun’s heat and planet’s rotation stir the atmosphere and oceans into a constant, whirling dance—winds swirl into tornadoes, drive waves on water, and shift sand into dunes. Earth’s internal heat produces volcanoes, geysers, and rift zones.

Thinkery is proud to present Earth, Wind, Inspire, so that visitors of all ages have a chance to explore these complex, often misunderstood, phenomena through visual representations and hands-on experiences.

  • At Tornado, visitors can step into a 10-foot tall vortex interacting with, and disturbing, the airflow of a tornado
  • At Geyser, visitors learn how the earth’s internal heat brings underground water to a boil, causing it to become pressurized and erupt
  • Turbulent Orb engages visitors with a sphere they can spin, allowing them to observe changes and infer references to atmospheric patterns like those of oceanic winds and hurricanes

Take a look at this video for a sneak peek:


Mark your calendar for the official public Grand Opening on Saturday, May 25! Learn more & find all the info you need to plan your visit to Thinkery at