Both East Austin College Prep campuses will be hosting a high-tech open house for Digital Learning Day, Wednesday, Feb. 5. From 9 – 11 am, the school will showcase student-designed games that were created through the Globaloria program. Globaloria is a platform that uses project-based learning and digital methods to teach courses in STEM, computing, game design and coding.


East Austin College Prep will open their Globaloria classrooms and showcase student-designed games. Teachers will take you on a personal tour through the innovative program. Experience the hands-on “game-design studio” and observe students as they develop original STEM games and collaborate with their peers and teachers. See the digital curriculum and learn all about the award-winning K – 12 learning platform. Check out Globaloria site for more info.

 No RSVP is necessary, just swing by the EAPrep MLK campus (grades 7 – 10) or the EAPrep Southwest Key campus (grades 2 – 6) from 9 – 11 am.