Make no mistake, we LOVE Halloween! Bring on the costumes, the parties, the frights, the trick-or-treating, too! But one of our parenting dilemmas this time of year is how to manage the kids’ sugar consumption. A little candy goes a long way, and ending up with a giant stash of it on October 31 throws off our healthy habits. Thankfully our friends at Lydian Dental are here to help! Read on about their Candy Buy Back Program as well as their expert tips for a healthier Halloween.

Candy Buy Back Program

Join Lydian Dental for the healthiest and most helpful Halloween alternative. Instead of having the kiddos ruin their precious pearls, bring them over for the Candy Buy Back! On Thursday, November 1 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., children can trade their Halloween candy in for money! Each pound of candy will be worth $2 ($1 will go to the child & $1 to a participating school), and up to 5 pounds of candy can be donated per child. To keep the Halloween spirit alive, costumes are encouraged and welcomed. There’s also a sweet prize for those who dress up! The Candy Buy Back will be hosted at the Burnet office (5531 Burnet Rd) and the S. Lamar office (1601 S. Lamar Blvd). All candy will be donated to the Feed My Troops drive.

Heathly Hacks for a Cavity-Free Halloween

Halloween can be scary for a lot of reasons — vampires, ghosts, those motion-triggered life-sized porch zombies — but at Lydian Dental, sugar is what keeps their dental team up at night. That’s why they put together seven hacks to keep your kid’s mouth healthier over Halloween…

Only Eat Candy Around Meals
Instead of snacking on candy, let your kids eat it during meals. The extra saliva reduces bacteria and helps prevent cavities.

— Candy Bars Over Gummy Worms
Not all candy is created equal. Because gummy candy sticks to your teeth, it sticks around longer. It’s also harder for saliva to wash away and ends up causing a lot more tooth decay.

— Trade Their Candy for Gum
Kids love Halloween candy. They also love gum. Consider swapping some of their gummier treats for sugarless, ADA-certified gum. It’s proven to prevent tooth decay, and it’s a deal so good that your kids might have a hard time passing up.

— Go for the Good-ish Stuff
Candy with real food in it, like nuts, dark chocolate, or butter are far better for your kid’s mouths because they fill them up – so they don’t keep eating candy.

— Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
Like saliva, water can help prevent tooth decay. Make sure your kids are drinking plenty of it – before trick-or-treating, afterwards, and pretty much all of the time.

— Remember: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Develop a plan with your kids. Let them choose their favorite candies and get rid of the rest. Or consider rationing candies over an extended period of time.

— Take Care of Your Teeth, Too
You, yes you. You’re not immune from Halloween sugar temptations. Remember to take care of your teeth if you happen to sneak some of your kid’s candy.

Lydian Dental believes that dentist visits should be more convenient, affordable, and actually fun. Their board-certified pediatric dentists can help your young ones build a foundation of good dental habits that will last a lifetime, but they also offer all dental services for adults, too. Because their services cover everything from baby teeth to orthodontics, they are a one stop shop for all your dental care needs.

Lydian Dental staff makes a point to have fun because going to the dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience. Photo from Lydian Dental’s Instagram.

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