ZACH Theatre has got something ALL NEW to share with families this season. This year, their annual musical show for kids, Holiday Heroes, features a brand new original story! Great for ages three and up, you can count on Holiday Heroes for good cheer, singing and laughter. Don’t miss it on Saturday, Dec. 9 at 11 a.m.

We had the chance to take our kids to the show when the theater happened to be packed with elementary and preschool students from local schools. That was a FUN experience! There’s nothing like sitting with an enthusiastic audience who can’t hold back on clapping and giggling and shouting to the characters on stage — oh, and dancing in their seats, too. There were many moments when our own staffer’s four-year-old daughter just couldn’t stop laughing, and that was so infectious and joyful.

Photo by Kirk Tuck

The new version of this play takes place in a factory setting where two main characters named Red and Green work side-by-side with no real dialogue, just mime, body language and music to tell the story. These two characters are sharply divided between a red side and a green side. One day, a young vibrant character, Purple, shows up and doesn’t fit into either side, leaving Red and Green puzzled as to what to do. Eventually, the characters learn the value of giving, empathy, and teamwork to see the world from the other point of view.

Because the show is so easy to follow with fun music, as well as an emphasis on physical comedy instead of a complicated dialogue, it really is a great holiday program for young children. Plus, it’s only about 45 minutes long, making it just the right length for short attention spans. And the sing-along at the end provides some happy fun for the whole family.

— Tickets: Tickets are $18 for kids and $24 for adults and can be purchased online in advance here or by calling the box office at 512-476-0541 x1.

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