Do512 Family was proud to be a media sponsor of this year’s fundraiser for Creative Action, I Spy Pie! The Biscuit Brothers melted children’s faces off and we ran a “Pie Your Friend” booth, which took an unexpected turn to a “Pie Us Instead” booth. Turns out, kids don’t like getting dirty anymore?  

It was a great turnout and it was so cute to see all of the kids dancing to The Biscuit Brothers. Those guys know how to get a sober party going! Jungle Jill & the Jaybirds closed out the show with an amazing puppet show and an extended version of the hokey-pokey. Kids were running around enjoying the crafts, the parachute games, musical chairs, hat-making and pie tasting.

The event went was really fun, and we have a lot of shout-outs to give that made it possible!

A HUGE thank you to the guys from The Edge of Imagination Station who made our booth cool. They took stop-motion footage of all the pies in the face, capturing some pretty tender family moments. Maybe “tender” isn’t the right word….
The kids were hilarious. They weren’t really into the idea of getting pies in their own face, but they thought it was SO AWESOME to throw a pie in one of our faces, which was never the plan, but hey, it’s for the kids. We all ended up taking multiple pies to the face!  The Edge of Imagination Station is a very cool mobile stop-motion creation company where kids can make their own videos! If you participated in our Pie Your Friend booth, stay tuned to our Facebook, we’ll announce it when the videos are up.

Another HUGE thank you to Bakerman’s Patisserie & Chocolatier, who donated a bucket of homemade whipped cream, just so we could throw it at each other. They even made it extra sweet so it wouldn’t be offensive to anyone’s eyes! It was delicious, one kid insisted to not be cleaned off…for serious.

And one last HUGE thank you to Build A Sign, who made our first ever Do512 Family banners. They made them well and they made them fast! And they had to deal with my non-designing self who kept sending them the wrong files…whooops. Thanks to their patience and expediency, we had some sweet banners at the event.

Actually, this is the last HUGE thank you and it goes out to all of you! To everyone who stopped by and participated, thanks for being awesome and thanks for using our resource. It was nice to get such positive feedback and love for Do512 Family. We’re looking forward to participating in other events and hopefully meet some more of you! Thanks again!