Chances are, you have had to deal with an upset person or two in your life. It’s hard to remain calm in the middle of an argument or conflict when it seems like the more you talk the more distance you end up creating. Integrity Academy Presents a Dealing With Difficult People Workshop, led by Joe Carr, an educator, trainer and coach from The Center for Nonviolent Communication. The workshop will be at Casa de Luz, in the Cielo South Room, from 7 – 8:30 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 29.


Joe Carr will help you learn ways to communicate that don’t involve moralistic judgments like good, bad, right, wrong, should and shouldn’t, because these judgments are what cause people to become defensive and rebellious. His techniques will teach you how to identify underlying needs that are behind our feelings and behavior. This empathy will allow you to decrease tension and connect, cooperate and induce harmony in difficult situations; creating a deeper connection to yourself in the process.

Carr’s interactive talk will include open discussion, participatory exercises and role-plays; addressing real conflicts and situations of the participants.

Workshop is FREE, and part of the community classes by the new school opening at Casa de Luz in August, Integrity Academy. Integrity Academy wants adults to learn too! Check out what we think of Integrity Academy here.