Celebrate the Solstice with the amazing Minor Mishap Marching Band’s Parade of Light! Gather on the shortest day of the year to celebrate light, darkness, music, community, nature and joy. Join the parade on Saturday, Dec. 21. Meet at 5:30 pm at the spiral of the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, the parade starts at 6 pm.

The event is free and the Minor Mishap Marching Band invites you to make and bring your own lanterns to carry in the parade. It’s a parade of light, so make/wear/bring lights! All ages are welcome and Minor Mishap’s parades are always a fun event for the whole family!

Here is how cool Minor Mishap Marching Band is:


The route begins and ends in the spiral/helix of the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. Meet in that spiral that says “Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail.” There is no parking on Cesar Chavez, but there may be some parking along the side streets near the spiral. There is likely to be parking available at the ball fields near the YMCA. Do not park in the YMCA lot itself, they will tow.

Follow the Facebook event page for additional information and updates.


– Ava

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