Have you been thinking about signing the kids up for music lessons, but you’re just not sure where to start? Not sure what instrument your child will be most into? Not sure where to go for instruction? Well, Austinites are pretty lucky to have access to the experts at School of Rock for music training. Their program for preschoolers, Little Wing, is an awesome intro for the young children. And now, Austin School of Rock is rolling out a brand new program aimed at 6-8 year-olds called Rookies!


The School of Rock Rookies Program is tailored for children in the 1st-2nd grade age-range, who often require a different approach than other age groups who begin at School of Rock. At this stage, most kids are still discovering their instrument preference, but are ready to begin developing their love of music.

Students enrolled in Rookies get to experience the magic of playing all the major rock instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys and Vocals while developing a core understanding of music. The action packed classes teach young rockers ear training, song structuring, and rhythmic patterns within a group setting.

A typical Rookies class consists of an hour of games, focused skill practice, and group rehearsal of simple rock songs. It’s a great environment to explore different options to help kids decide on their musical direction and focus.

–> Free Rookies Trial Classes in April
To celebrate the launch of Rookies in Austin, kids ages 6-8 can try Rookies classes for free during the month of April! For more info, click here to visit the Rookie web page. You can contact the School at (512) 670-2360 or austin@schoolofrock.com to register.

To keep up-to-date on Rookies and all things School of Rock, you can visit their Facebook page.

Rock on!