Shhhhh, don’t tell the kids, but it’s time to party without them! What are doing on New Year’s Eve? Got a babysitter lined up but not sure where to go with your honey? With our pals at Lydian Dental, we’re presenting you with plenty of ideas for an unforgettable date night so you can share an epic midnight smooch with your partner as you ring in love, laughter and good times in 2019!

Whether you want to get all gussied up or keep it casual, we’ve got some fun ideas below — from fancy dinners with swanky cocktails to live music shows, parties of all styles, even rollerskating and free things to do!

Photo by Roger Ho

Dinner & Drinks: Yes, this route requires reservations, but dining out is a sure bet for a classic date night with delicious bites and beverages. Take a look at these special tastings for New Year’s Eve:

Photo by Sara Marjorie Strick

Live Music: Put on your dancing shoes and take advantage of living in the “Live Music Capitol of the World” at one of these shows:

Photo by Ben Konfrst on Unsplash

Parties: Go ahead and put on your fancy pants, there’s a ton of NYE parties to choose from at venues all over Austin:

Photo credit: SPIN Austin’s Facebook page

Non-Traditional Picks: In the spirit of keeping it weird in Austin, why not skip the traditional NYE glitz and try roller skating, ping pong, golf games or head to a comedy show?

For even more New Year’s Eve events, check out this BIG LIST that Do512 has put together!

Photo from Lydian Dental

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