Snow Queen 2: Riddle of Eternity is the latest family show presented at Austin Scottish Rite Theater. This musical production features a modern-day take on the classic Snow Queen fairy tale, set in a video game. This show runs through Saturday, Dec. 17 with weekend matinees offered at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The Do512 Family team had the can to see this show during opening weekend. Read all about it, and then scroll below to enter to win tickets!

When we first saw the description of this play, we have to admit that we couldn’t imagine what to expect. “Laura Freeman’s rollicking new musical for young audiences deals with themes of friendship, climate change, and gaming.” At first glance that sounds like a lot of themes to roll into a show about a Snow Queen, but they certainly pulled it all together with a lot of fun entertainment!

In the show, Gabby and Kyle are two best friends and young environmental activists who record themselves on YouTube as the Climate Kids. During the show, Kyle finds himself trapped inside a video game called Snow Queen 2: Riddle of Eternity, and Gabby works her way through challenges to help rescue him. The story ends with an upbeat message about the power of kindness and friendship as well as a short lesson on climate change.

The cast was terrific! The two main characters, Gabby, played by Megan Rabuse, and Kyle, played by Julie Moore, were so delightful and cute together as a pair of best friends. Kyle’s silly antics and Gabby’s sweet disposition made them a very enjoyable pair to lead us through this creative story. The entire cast did a wonderful job with the musical numbers, and we were particularly impressed with the voice of Laura Freeman as the Snow Queen, Flower Witch and Soup Witch — who also happened to be the playwright and composer of the show.

The Austin Scottish Rite Theater creates such a magical theatrical experience for young audiences. Kids are welcomed into the beautiful historic building with coloring sheets as programs, cookies (for sale for $1), and an invitation to sit right up by the front of the stage to be close to all of the action. Following each performance, kids can meet the cast and have their programs signed.

Cast signing programs after the show

Our Sales & Social Media Manager’s daughter with her favorite character, Robber Girl

We had smiles on our faces the whole way through this creative production, and we hope you do too! The play runs through Dec. 17 with shows on Saturdays & Sundays at 11 a.m. & 1 p.m. Tickets are $8 for children under age 12 and $12 for ages 12 & up. You can purchase your tickets in advance online here or at the Box Office. (Educators, this play is also available for school shows. Click here for more info.)

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