Want to give your music-loving kids a really awesome summer experience? Sign them up to take DJ classes and learn the art of scratch. Dub Academy offers half-day summer camps for kids and teens ages 10-17 from Monday, June 15 through Friday, August 14. Kids will learn how to create and perform music, but also learn science, art and technology at the same time. This definitely sounds like a unique summer experience for your cool kids.


Dub Academy offers DJ Courses (for beginners and experienced levels). They also offer the following production courses:

  • Maschine 101: Designed for students who want to incorporate drum machines and beat making into their music.
  • Garage Band 101: Designed for students who have little to no experience with music production and want to start with a basic, easy to learn software.
  • Ableton 101: Designed for students who have some music production experience and want to learn a more advanced software.
  • Music Modding Camp: The brand new Music Modding Camp will allow students to dive into the magical world of MIDI controllers, making their own controllers to take home out of everyday objects.

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To learn more about each camp program, view schedules, and to register online, click here to visit the Dub Academy website.

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