“Yeah and you looks are kind of pretty. When your face isn’t screwing it up.”  – Mouth

Come join the Alamo Drafthouse as they kick off the Alamo 100 with a Quote Along from The Goonies.  They’ll be hosting two separate events including two today (Tuesday, Jan. 21), one at 7:15 pm at Slaughter Lane and another at 7 pm at the Lakeline location.  A second quote along will be held Friday, Jan. 24 at midnight at Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz.


You and 200 other fans will get the chance to immerse yourself in this classic film from 1985 by quoting all the great lines including, “The only thing we serve here is tongue! You boys like tongue?”

There will be a truffle shuffle, eye patches and plenty of adventure so join us at the Drafthouse.  Tickets for the event can be purchased here.