You probably hate to admit it, but as a parent, there are a lot of times when you bless the invention of the “Drive-Thru”. They can be a lifesaver when you have a cranky kid that is not presentable in public, or when you just don’t have the energy to unbuckle and buckle that car seat one more time. I am most often grateful for the Drive-Thru when my kid is passed out in the back seat and I am dying for lunch.

Here are my top 5 Drive-Thru haunts

  1. Taco Shack, North Lamar- Love the almost veggie taco. If you go for breakfast, they have Ruta Maya Coffee (bonus!) and they use farm fresh eggs in their tacos
  2. Thundercloud Subs, South Lamar- I can’t get past the California Club right now, so good. They have two lines so it moves pretty quickly.
  3. Hat Creek Burgers, Burnet Road- Best use of an old Arby’s sign! Love the Hot Dang Grain Burgers, and the Turkey Burgers are good too.
  4. P. Terry’s– Love the buddy’s chicken burger with extra pickle and jalepenos.
  5. Starbuck’s– It will do in a pinch when you have not had your caffeine fix, plus you can get organic apple juice for the little one. I so miss Emerald City Press though!