If the weather outside is frightful, you can still have a blast at one of our top 5 indoor play places in Austin.



Blazer Tag boasts the largest laser tag arena in Texas. At 10,000 square feet and three levels of nooks and crannies, a laser tag game here is like no other. In addition to their super awesome arena, there’s an arcade with gems like Guitar Hero and classics like Skee-Ball. They’ve also just added a SkyTrail, a ropes course that hangs from the ceiling. You get harnessed in and run through the sky! We can tell you first hand that it’s pretty sweet.


  • Laser tag – $8.78 per game, games are 20 minutes long
  • Sky Trail – $8.78 per person
  • There are all kinds of specials and opportunities to save money. Check here for current offers.



While Blazer Tag has the largest laser tag arena, Wazoo’s has the biggest room full of bouncy fun stuffs! A 15,000 square foot facility completely stocked with inflatable greatness such as a 24-foot tall dual lane slide, an island obstacle course and even an option for piñatas at your next birthday party. RAD.


  • $8 per child
  • $6 per child for group admission (10 or more kids over 2 years)
  • Parents and kids under 2 years of age play free

Hoppin’ House
is another room full of jumpy fun. A huge inflatable playground awaits for your child. Throw ’em in the foam pit and laugh maniacally mwaaHAHAA! A fun way to cool off that is sure to wear the kiddos out! Hoppin’ House is only for ages 11 and under and socks are required.


  • $6 – ages 2 and under
  • $9 – ages 3 – 11
  • Adults accompanying children are free


For toddlers, hit up Loco-Motion Inflatable Play and let your little one literally bounce off the walls! Loco-Motion is designed with the littler guy in mind. They have a separate infant & toddler area so they don’t get run over by the bigger kids, and there’s a “Kid’s Play Town” where kids can pretend to work in an animal hospital or be on TV. Kids under 1 are free! Loco-Motion is for ages 10 and under and socks are required.


  • $7 for ages 1 – 3
  • $8 for ages 4 – 10
  • Adults and children 1 and under are free


This place looks so cool! It’s like a bowling alley but instead of alleys it’s trampolines! At Jumpoline Park there’s jumpy basketball, jumpy dodgeball and just plain jumping. If you’re child is getting all lame and lazy from being out of school, take them here! It’s an awesome way to get them moving again. Don’t believe me? Here’s a techno-heavy video to prove it.


  • Ages 8 and up – $10 for 1st hour, $5 for each additional hour during weekends and holidays. On weekdays (including Friday until 5 pm) the cost is $7 for 1st hour and $5 for each additional hour.
  • Ages 7 and under – $7 for 1st hour and $5 for each additional hour during weekends and holidays. On weekdays (including Friday until 5 pm) the cost is $5 for 1st hour and $3 for each additional hour.
  • There are also packages and specials that you can take advantage of, check ’em out here.


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Have fun staying cool!