Oh, kids, and their never ending demand of toys. “I want this, I want that,” is something you hear pretty much everyday as a parent. 90 percent of the time, parents have zero interest in actually getting out and buying toys, but during that other 10 percent of the time when you do feel like being awesome, you want to pick the right choice. Maybe your kid had great behavior all week, or tried a new food, or was totally kickass at a stressful function like a wedding…whatever the reason, here are some toy stores in Austin to help you when you’re feeling like spoiling rewarding your little guy or gal.


Duh, Toy Joy! When our family decided to move to Austin, all I had to tell my little man was, “It’s where Toy Joy is,” and he was totally cool with being uprooted from his friends and extended family. Awesome employees, unique toys, creatures, games and a whole lotta charm make this a go-to for toys in Austin.




Anna’s Toy Depot has new and used toys of all kinds. It’s a cute store with a cuter story. Anna started buying toys at garage sales and delivering them to child care centers all over Austin before she opened her storefront. You can also buy toys through her website.




Kaleidoscope Toys is Round Rock’s oldest neighborhood toy store. Since 1989 they have been offering area kids a wide variety of toys.





Rootin’ Ridge Toymakers is just about the cutest place I’ve ever seen. Owners Georgean & Paul have been hand-making wooden toys since 1976. I had the chance to meet Georgean and take some pictures at the store, you can see it here, and make sure to see this place, you won’t regret it.






Locally owned and operated since 1979, Terra Toys has novelty candy and toys of all kinds and when you walk in the store you immediately think FUN.





Over the Rainbow has classic toys like dolls, tricycles, stuffed animals, games, puzzles and a large selection of children’s books. It is THE oldest independent toy store in Austin, making kids lose their cool since 1975.



Wonko’s Toys & Games is like your one-stop-nerd-shop. You can find all of your Magic the Gathering cards, action figures and gaming supplies here. They have a TON of board games for all ages and hold Game Nights every night.



Lions & Tigers & Toys has a great selection of toys and books and is a super cute space. They have a lot of imaginative toys for a fair price, and hold sales pretty regularly. Also, keep an eye on their Facebook for sporadic deals!




Brilliant Sky Toys & Books features a large selection of specialty and educational toys, children’s books, games and puzzles. They also hold some pretty fun events, like the upcoming Tiny Tails to You Playgroups.




Learning Express Toys is a “homegrown local business” and has the latest and greatest of the toy world. From the unique, like the Ugly Doll, to the classic-and-still-awesome LEGO bricks, Learning Express has a huge variety.



Kinda Krazy Kids & Kompany has toys, clothes, decor, books and games for  wee infants up to 14 years. There’s a treasure around every corner at this place and it’s a perfect place to find a great birthday gift.




Lakeshore Learning Center has free crafts for kids every Saturday  and a whole slew of toys and games that will get your kids all jacked up on happy.



Let’s go fly a kite! for a huge selection of kites, kite accessories, windsocks and all things kite, check out World Wind Kites. Not into kites but are a tennis fan? Well, still go here because it is also New-Tech Tennis and you can get your tennis supplies too.



If your kid is a stuffed animal fanatic, or if you are still obsessed with Care Bears and Garfield, check out Kids n’ Cats. It’s more of a unique gift shop, where a crazy catlady’s belongings exploded, but it has some unique stuffed animals and trinkets.



What is your favorite toy store? Comment and we’ll add it to the list!