If you live in Northeast Austin, the luxury of the Boardwalk and the Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail are a little out of reach for a quick bike ride. Don’t fret, because the Southern Walnut Creek Trail System is now open!

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Though the Grand Opening ceremony is tentatively planned for later in the fall, the trail is now open to the public.

There are access points behind the East Communities YMCA at 51st. St. & 183 (middle), at Govalle Park (Southern-most point), at the Austin Tennis Center and at Johnny Morris Rd. and Old Manor Rd. Click here to see a map of the trail.

The trail is approximately 7.3 miles long and consists of a 10-foot wide concrete trail with 2-foot shoulders. Enjoy a traffic-free commute, or a nice, easy trail that’s great for a family bike ride or quiet walk.

This portion of the trail is a small segment that will eventually be part of an Austin-to-Manor trail, with a 5-mile trail added at Daffan Ln. that will continue to Ben E. Fischer Park. Phase 1 of this project is complete (Daffan Ln. to Lindell Ln.), but Phase 2 (Lindell Ln. to Ben Fischer Park) is not yet funded. See a map here.

Do512 Family hit the trail over the weekend and we’re pleased to share that this was not only a quiet respite from the city, but it’s also a tame trail that isn’t completely packed (yet), making it perfect for a family wanting to have a stress-free hike or bike experience. Another bonus: if you’re entering the trail from the YMCA access point, there is a pretty sweet, shaded playground if your kids still have energy after the trail!



For more info on the Walnut Creek Trail System, click here.