When is the last time you held a wiggly-nosed, silky-soft bunny? Or a tiny hedgehog? Or a really fluffy guinea pig? Animal-lovers of all ages know that there is nothing sweeter than petting adorable little creatures. In the Austin area, we are fortunate to have the Tiny Tails to You Traveling Petting Zoo available for those much-appreciated cuddly times with small animals such as bunnies, chinchillas, hedgehogs, baby ducks & chicks, guinea pigs, tortoises, bearded dragons and more. Their traveling zoo comes to birthday parties, churches, schools, summer camp programs, farmers markets, and all sorts of special events — even happy hours for grown-ups!



While you pet the animals, the staff from Tiny Tails to You will provide plenty of educational facts about the animal breeds, traits, care, and handling. Their petting zoo is also incredibly organized. They bring little stools for children (and adults) to sit on along with mats to cover your lap, then they hand you different little animals to hold. With this set-up, everyone gets a lot of one-on-one time with the animals.



Want to bring the petting zoo to your next birthday party or event?
To schedule a traveling zoo visit, you can simply click here to view the various offerings listed on their website. They offer a range of prices depending on which animals you prefer, how many people in your group, etc. They also can hook you up with a face painter, photographer, tents and many other services to make your party awesome. To learn more about Tiny Tails to You, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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