The Austin Summer Musical for Children group will bring Austin Families The Wizard of Oz in 16 shows from August 9 – August 24 at the Boyd Vance Theater inside the George Washington Carver Museum! With the exception of a gala fundraiser at one of the shows, admission to all other 15 shows will be FREE!

Beat the heat, support the arts in Austin and watch some talented, young performers put on a great, classic musical.

FREE tickets are available at the door, 45 minutes prior to each show. All tickets are first come, first serve. Lines for tickets have formed as early as an hour prior to the show, and tickets are distributed quickly. You do not have to bring your entire group to get tickets; a single adult can get a ticket for everyone. Once you receive your tickets, you can leave and come back, or you are welcome to check out the exhibits at the Carver Museum.

Please take your seats five minutes before showtime. Since space is so limited, the House Manager may begin filling up vacant seats at this time.


Additional information here.