Spots are filling up quickly at ZACH Scott Theatre Summer Program! If you’re still looking for engaging, summer fun for your kids age 3 to grade 12, check out the classes and camps available at ZACH Theatre and snag them a spot as soon as possible.


The week-long classes and camps offer a full range of theatre experiences from super-fun classes for preschoolers where they get to indulge in pretend play using their imaginations, to playwriting workshops where students starting at grade 3 will learn the ropes from page to stage, to highly technical classes for your singers, dancers and actors who want to take their skills to the next level, and audition only opportunities to participate in high-skill productions this summer. All the classes culminate in shows for audiences of parents and friends.


My son has attended ZACH Theatre camps two consecutive summers since he was four years old. I chose ZACH Theatre because i noticed that my son, who is very vibrant and friendly, often became shy and withdrawn in specific situations when meeting new people. I wanted to give him an opportunity to break some of his shy-bones, and thought the Story Drama class would be a perfect place to start. It was just an hour long, so I dropped him off and joined other moms for Tea next door while we waited. In that class, the children participated in fun theatre games and acted out the story from a storybook. Every day he was happier to show up and quicker to leave me at the door. I was so happy when I saw him in the class production on the final day–he was so proud and moved so freely and confidently among his friends and teachers. I knew I would sign him up the following year as soon as camps opened, and I did. I waited too long this year and now the class I wanted him in is wait-listed. Don’t be like me–get over there and sign your little one up now!

Here’s why ZACH Scott Theatre thinks you should sign your kids up:

“Performing Arts School at ZACH Theatre is proud to be a leader in theatre arts education. Since 1970 we have enjoyed watching our students nourish their imagination and creativity while also developing confidence and valuable interpersonal skills like communication, team-work and an appreciation for diversity. We offer process-oriented, production based instruction that provides opportunities to explore, develop, apply and refine expression through performance in a supportive environment. Our instructors are professional theatre artists and experienced drama teachers.”

There you have it. Learn all the details about the classes and register here.

Good luck!