In the next few days, you can check out a very unique holiday photo op at The Domain. A 3-dimensional anamorphic art installation designed by Dutch pop-surrealist Leon Keer sits in Domain II directly behind Santa’s workshop until December 23. It’s an 8 foot-high x 13-foot wide scene featuring a winter cabin, complete with wreaths, snow, toys and a large snow globe. Messaging above the cabin reads, “Shake Up the Way You Shop,” encouraging shoppers to take part in the holiday season—the magic, the fun, the cheer—while also reminding them to be smart with their finances.

Starcom - BOA 3D Domain II

From most points on the pavement, shoppers will see a 2-dimensional, almost flat painting. Yet moving to a designated spot (marked by footprints and directions), the viewer will literally see the entire scene come to life in 3D. From there, friends and family can stand within the artwork, making them look as if they were actually inside the snow globe.

You can check this out in the Domain II, behind Santa’s Workshop through Wednesday, Dec. 23.