The Austin-area is home to several parks. Parks with playscapes, splash pads, pools, grills, picnic tables… we’ve got it all! Do512 Family wants you to know as much as possible about every Austin park and pool that’s out there so that you can pick the right place to play with your family and friends.piclab (20)

Shipe Park: 4400 Ave. G 78751  /  Playscape: Yes  /  Splash Pad: No /  Pool: Yes  /  Wading Pool: Yes

Shade: The playscape is very well shaded, as is a great portion of the wading pool. The regular-sized pool is about half and half. You can easily find a spot to sunbathe, and just as easily grab a seat in the shade.

Pool Info: Until August 3 –> Closed on Mondays. Tues – Friday the pool is lap swim from 7 – 10 am, and recreational swim from 10 am – 8 pm. Weekends, lap swimming is from 10 am – noon and recreational swimming from noon – 8 pm. August 3 – 23 –> Closed on Mondays. Recreational swimming is Tuesday – Sunday from noon – 7 pm.

Wading Pool Info: Until August 11 –> Closed on Mondays. Tuesday – Sunday open from noon – 6 pm. August 12 – 23 –> Closed on Mondays. Open from 1 – 6 pm Tuesday – Sunday.

Parking: Parking is available on the street surrounding the park.

Picnic Tables: There are a couple. And they’re in the shade!

Size: 2.46 acres

Notes: Shipe Park has a lot to offer a family, especially if you have multiple children. There’s a wading pool, a regular pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, a playscape, a covered spot with a Foosball table and an open area to run around in. There are several places to grab lunch before or after in the neighborhood. Plus, it has an amazing mural.

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have fun.