The Austin-area is home to several parks. Parks with playscapes, splash pads, pools, grills, picnic tables… we’ve got it all! Do512 Family wants you to know as much as possible about every Austin park and pool that’s out there so that you can pick the right place to play with your family and friends.

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Reed Park: 2614 Pecos St. 78703 /  Playscape: Yes  /  Splash Pad: No /  Pool: Yes

Shade: The pool is surrounded by trees and gets a fair amount of shade in certain spots at certain times. The swingsets are completely shaded, while the playscape is primarily exposed.

Pool Info: Free. From 8 – 10 am Monday through Friday it’s lap swimming. From 10 am – 8 pm it’s recreational swimming Monday through Friday. On weekends, lap swim time is from 10 – 11 am and recreational swim time is 11 am – 7 pm. The pool is on the smaller side and doesn’t get over 5 feet deep. There is also a wading pool especially for the smaller kids (see pic above).

Taylor's Lime Kiln
Taylor’s Lime Kiln

Parking: This park is on a dead end street which you can park your car on for free. You could also park it in the surrounding neighborhood if you need to, though it wouldn’t be very convenient.

Picnic Tables: There are a couple by the playscape, and two more by the remains of Taylor’s Lime Kiln, which was used in the 1800s to produce quick lime for making cement used for the construction of stone houses. These tables are completely shaded and across from the pool and the playscape.

Size: 6.36 acres

Notes: This is a sweet spot, tucked in the rolling hills of Tarrytown. It’s a quiet neighborhood with lots of families, your little ones are bound to make a friend or two. Besides the park and the pool, there is also a hiking trail and an open area where you can play Frisbee, throw a ball around or just let the kids run free!

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Have fun!