Of course we try to limit sugar intake as much as the next healthy parent. But sometimes it’s really FUN to be a kid in a candy store! When you’re celebrating something special (potty training success, good report cards, birthdays) or simply looking for some delicious treats for the heck of it, here’s our list of the best places in Austin to grab some sugary sweets.

Photo Credit: Big Top Candy Shop

Big Top Candy Shop
Located on South Congress, this spot gets quite a bit of foot traffic from tourists on the weekends, and it deserves every penny. Upon walking in, the customer is visually overstimulated by the sheer volume of candy in the store. It is organized by throwback treats, novelties, chocolates, and common sugar-coated gummies throughout the narrow room. The place dances aesthetically between mid-century soda shop and Diagon Alley and only adds to the charm of the entire candy buying experience.

Photo Credit: The Candy Jar

The Candy Jar
If you happen to find yourself in Bee Cave, don’t forget to plan a stop at The Candy Jar. With over 2,000 candies in stock, this store’s aim is to provide you with old favorites and to guide you to new flavors to enjoy. As a bonus, they serve classic New Orleans snowballs, a fine powdery ice topped with a flavored syrup combination of your choice.

Photo Credit: Sugarfina

Sugarfina is in the high-end, fast-paced industry of candy importing. Within their store front, they’ve got candies from Germany, Greece, and England as well as products made right here in the USA. Sugarfina wants their candy and their store to look pristine and flawless, and they certainly have met those expectations.

Photo Credit: Rocket Fizz Facebook

Rocket Fizz
You gotta hand it to Rocket Fizz on having a name that already just sounds like having a mouth full of sugar. As you’d no doubt hope, the inside of their store lives true to this glittering promise. Rocket Fizz is practically bursting at the seams with sugary, delicious confections. It’s multicolored walls are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for your stomach.

Photo credit: Austin Gourmet Popcorn’s Facebook page

Austin Gourmet Popcorn
With popcorn flavors like black cherry, cotton candy, and something called Dr. Waco, we had to put it on the list. Austin Gourmet Popcorn is loaded with over 60 varieties of flavored popcorn from savory to sweet and is a perfect treat for the treat lover that keeps finding their hand back in the bag after each mouthful. To top it off, they have over 400 kinds of candy to grab while you’re there. Get the reusable tin for 25% off refills.

Photo credit: Delysia Chocolatier Facebook page

Delysia Chocolatier
Delysia Chocolatier make all of their goodies at their Culinary Center & Chocolate Boutique and include ingredients grown and kept in Austin, TX, making these some rare candies (eh, Pokemon fans?). Owner and Chocolatier Nicole Patel began making chocolates as a way to unwind from her busy engineering job, and her decision to do so has blessed and de-stressed Austin locals and tourists alike. Expect class and beauty when you walk into the Delysia store front.

Photo credit: Maggie Louise Confections Facebook page

Maggie Louise Confections
When we think of East 6th Street, we think of art studios, music venues, and dive bars, but in the midst of that culture is the jewelry store of chocolates: Maggie Louise Confections. This modestly sized store is actually a showroom and has a sunken glass showcase in the middle of the room with their shimmering chocolates on display. Founder Maggie Callahan was trained at Austin school Le Cordon Bleu and brings luxury to the chocolate game in town (and they even ship internationally).

Photo Credit: Lammes Candies Facebook page

Lammes Candies
Last but certainly not least, we have Lammes Candies. They’ve been concocting sugary confections for over 100 years now, which makes them not only the oldest candy shop around but the one most experienced in satisfying Austin’s sweet tooth. From chocolate to pralines, taffy, carmelitos, chocolate and whatever else, Lammes Candies is a surefire spot for all things sweet.

List & descriptions by Joshua Heinlein

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