With most parents working nine to five and schools letting out before 3 pm, after school care is necessary for the majority of school-aged children. Statistics show that children who participate in high-quality after school programs experience improved grades, better work habits, higher school attendance, improved social skills and interpersonal behavior, reduced misconduct, and enhanced self-efficacy at higher rates than students who attend a basic after care program.

Creative Action After School Program offers children more than just a place to hang out until mom and dad get off work. In addition to receiving homework help, playground time, and snack time, children participate in a variety of fun, arts-based creativity classes. They participate in and enjoy a comprehensive enrichment experience in the arts and humanities including theatre, art, music, language arts, reading, history, social studies, citizenship, geography and culture. This is not your average after school care! Activities include visual art, filmmaking, music, puppetry, creative writing, acting, and more. Creative Action After School develops a student who is a Creative Artist, Courageous Ally, Critical Thinker, and Confident Leader (the 4 C’s). One hundred percent of the participants in 2011-2012 survey identified themselves as leaders after completing the program. That’s everybody, folks. That’s huge!

This licensed program runs every day of the AISD calendar onsite at Brentwood Elementary, Bryker Woods Elementary,  Gullett Elementary,Maplewood Elementary, Ridgetop Elementary and Sunset Valley Elementary from 2:45 – 6 pm. Fridays feature Creativity in Action! Students work in groups to design and implement creative projects using art, creativity, and imagination to improve the world around them. Current examples include a “Recycla-bot” robot that eats your recyclables, a school-wide musical parade, and community murals.

Creative Action After School Program costs just $245 per month with some sliding scale slots and financial aid available. But, right  now, Creative Action is offering Do512 Family readers 20 percent off registration when they use promo code CAASDo512! Offer is not available at Gullett or Maplewood. There are also a pre-K Title 1 Program, Teen Program and Spring and Summer Camps!

For more information visit http://creativeaction.org/ Or contact Company Manager, Florinda Bryant at Florinda@creativeaction.org or 512-442-8773 x107.