For the past six months, kids from Maplewood and Blackshear Elementary have been working on writing their own songs with the Groundwork Music Project as part of their after school program, We Write it We Play it. On Wednesday, Apr. 30 from 5 – 7 pm, they’ll be performing these songs for the public at the Carver Museum in the We Write it We Play it Concert. Come see the  cuteness, and enjoy free food from Haymaker!


Groundwork Music Project’s mission is to provide free and low cost music lessons to young children with limited means. Knowing that young children respond to music from the moment they are born, Groundwork’s programs introduce musical activities and lessons essential for healthy emotional, cognitive and social development.


This program is fun for a lot of kids and it is dear to Do512 and Do512 Family’s hearts. Do512 president, Jimmy Stewart, is also the Board President of Groundwork, and the Do512 Family editor, Jamie Jett, has a son that has been in the We Write it We Play it program for 2 years running! Her son has a blast and sings the songs he helped to write all the time. It really is an amazing program.

“The kids really do write their own songs. They come up with the melody and write the lyrics together with the guidance of the Groundwork staff. Groundwork is great at letting the kids tap into their own creativity and helping them find their musical ear. Each child plays an integral role and comes up with something in each song. My son lights up when he talks about the lyrics he comes up with,” Jett said.

Come learn about the Groundwork Music Project and see what they’ve helped to create with the kids this year. Should you feel moved, donate here.

Hope to see you there!